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Commercial Solar Film

FOR HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY, EDUCATION INDUSTRY, OFFICE BUILDINGS & RETAIL STOREFRONTS Creating a comfortable work environment is important. Sun Control can be a huge attributing factor to keeping your tenants and employees happy. Using 3M™ Products, we offer a variety of affordable solutions to help resolve these issues, increase productivity, and ultimately improve your bottom line. Blocking heat and reducing glare to create a comfortable environment for employees or tenants. Protecting furniture, floors, and other interior aesthetics from fading. Adding privacy to the glass. Energy Savings.

3M™ Sun Control Window Film Traditional Series

  • Improve your buildings energy performance and comfort on budget.
  • Provides high heat reduction at a low cost.
  • Tinted, reflective films improve your building’s energy performance to offer a quick return on investment.
  • Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

3M™ Neutral Series

Display short-term, custom transparent window wrap signage or decals on your storefront, such as temporary business hours, to help keep customers aware of important information. Clean removal of the window film makes replacing signage with updated information quick and easy.

3M™ Night Vision Series

Enhance your customers’ confidence level by reassuring them that you have safe social distancing practices with eye-catching, easy-to-install vinyl wall wraps. Custom wall decals can be easily applied and cleanly removed from most surfaces without causing surface damage, while leaving minimal to no adhesive residue.

3M™ Ceramic Series

  • Keeps you cool by rejecting up to 80% of the sun’s heat-producing infrared rays.
  • Non-metallized film comes in a natural tone to provide amazing clarity.
  • Significantly blocks the amount of harmful UV rays that cause fading, helping to extend the life of your furnishings.
  • Manufactured with a scratch-resistant coating to ensure clear views.

3M™ Prestige Series

  • Allows high transmission of natural light into your space to provide excellent aesthetics.
  • This spectrally selective film rejects up to 97% of infrared light providing energy savings, enhanced comfort and protection.
  • Low interior and exterior reflectivity lets you enjoy the views from inside, while maintaining an attractive look from outside.
  • Non-metallized window film won’t affect signal interference and is corrosion-resistant.

3M™ Thinsulate™

  • Helps keep you warm during cold winter months.
  • Good heat rejection provides additional comfort and energy savings in the summer months.
  • Film offers high visible light transmission with a neutral appearance to help maintain a facility or home’s existing appearance.
  • Significantly blocks the amount of harmful UV rays that cause fading, helping to extend the life of furnishings.

3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film

  • Utilizes microlouver technology to redirect light to the ceiling
  • Reduces the need of artificial light reducing energy costs, glare and interior fading
  • Simple, in-glass solution does not require maintenance or any obtrusions from the glass or maintenance
  • Earn LEED credit for optimizing daylighting

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