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Torrance Window Tint

Prestige Window Solutions is proud to be the window tint company that is a 3M authorized dealer applicator. We have the window tint installation skills to deliver high-quality results, allowing you to save money on your energy bill. If you’re looking for window tint installation, look no further than Prestige Window Solutions to take care of your Torrance business or home.
Prestige Window Solutions are the window tint contractor, maintaining professional relationships with clients of every size. Torrance, California, is a coastal city in the South Bay region and home to around 143,000 residents. We are lovingly referred to as “A Balanced City” and are home to 1.5 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline. Prestige Window Solutions has earned an outstanding reputation with Torrance homes and businesses by providing window tint installation for our most valued customers.
Protect your home or business space and yourself with our ultraviolet ray-resistant window tint today! Window tint from Prestige Window Solutions sets the industry standard for window tint blocks ultraviolet light while maintaining clear window images. Prestige Window Solutions will perform your window tint installation to fit your budget. Call Prestige Window Solutions today for your free quote!
Torrance Window Tint

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