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Westminster Security Window Film

Prestige Window Solutions is a commercial security window film installer that has served the Westminster area since 1966. Many different security window film options are available, including solar protection, security maintenance, and more. Windows are amongst the weakest points of your business. Once glass breaks, that space is unsafe for your occupants and will disrupt daily operations. Using security window film, you are also able to create privacy without sacrificing light. Contact Prestige Window Solutions today to start your security film venture.

Westminster Commercial Security Film

Founded in 1870, Westminster is in western Orange County, California. Westminster leaders listen to the needs of the 90,000 plus community while building a sense of camaraderie and support. Prestige Window Solutions would love to be your commercial security window film dealer that supports your commercial needs. We can customize our 3M security window film to whatever your commercial needs may be. With different levels of tint that provide extra security, Prestige Window Solutions is ready to work with you to fulfill those needs.
Prestige Window Solutions recognizes that security window film can significantly impact your commercial business. With our commercial security window film, you are investing in minimal injuries to your occupants and protecting your business from other safety concerns. Those safety concerns could be glass hazards, natural disasters, seismic events, and spontaneous glass breakage. Glass security is fundamental, and Prestige Window Solutions has experts who are ready to navigate what works best for your Westminster business.
Westminster Security Window Film | Westminster Commercial Security Window Film

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